Del Mar business owner arranges wedding dress event to raise awareness about child marriage

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By , August 12, 2016 11:09 am

If you are in or around San Diego, don’t be stunned this Wednesday if you see women (and probably a few men) sporting wedding dresses. This is a part of a newly introduced awareness program on the worldwide problem of child brides.
This fall, Alexia Bregman, a business owner in Del Mar, created the World Wedding Dress Day. She stated that she was really in shock by the stats on girls forced into wedding at a tender age. She thought that a bridal-themed program would be a great eye-catching experience to open the people’s eyes to this problem.
As per global partnership Girls Not Brides, fifteen million girls every year are tied the knot before they hit 18, and a lot of them between the age 9- to 15-year. Even though most of the top twenty nations where child marriage is practiced are in Africa, this problem is also quite widespread in South America and Asia. She added that around three-thousand cases are registered in the United States every year. Continue reading 'Del Mar business owner arranges wedding dress event to raise awareness about child marriage'»

Couple calls off their honeymoon as they wedding gifts got stolen

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By , April 20, 2015 4:05 pm

Wedding gifts were slipped from a car parked near Suffolk hotel. This is one of over a dozen car break-ins that police told that happened over the weekend in the same place. Bradrick and Crystal told that they locked their wedding gifts as well as cash presents in the vehicle at Hilton Garden on E. Constance Road, but the gifts, including well wish cards, were slipped when they went out to the vehicle at 9 am on Sunday.

Crystal Fields told that they were speaking about when they got up that morning like how exciting it was going to be to open up the things as they went for their honeymoon and to read these words, they had this plan and it obviously did not according to the plan. When they realized that the theft has taken place, they just felt defeated, she just felt crushed that somebody would do that.

The pair says they were forced to call off a planned honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, as they required the money to offset the cost of the tour. Their loved and close ones have set up a GoFundMe to serve the couple get over the first difficulty of their new life together. Continue reading 'Couple calls off their honeymoon as they wedding gifts got stolen'»

Pasco judge to keep Valentine’s Day marriage ceremony alive

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By , February 13, 2015 11:20 am

When Pasco County closured performing marriage ceremonies previous year, suggesting that their Valentine’s Day marriage  tradition would be canceled. Since the year 2009, around one-hundred couples have tied the knot in the mass wedding ceremony outside Historic Courthouse in Dade City.

Paula O’Neil, the Clerk of Court ‘s decision to stop marriage services — made in part as Florida’s legalization of same-sex wedding  — threatened to call off the event. But Linda Babb, the Circuit Judge, stepped in to raise the event as its officiant.

Paula O’Neil said that she called and asked that she wanted to do it. Babb told that she plans to arrange a mass wedding ceremony for anyone who looks for one, and individual ceremonies for those who want a more versed affair. Continue reading 'Pasco judge to keep Valentine’s Day marriage ceremony alive'»

Wedding Planner behind bars

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By , December 11, 2014 10:34 am

A 34 year old UK wedding planner, Lisa Harrison, has been put behind bars on fraudulent charges.

She has been accused of robbing about $125,000 from clients whom she promised a posh wedding in the New York City. However all their money had been falsely extracted and nothing as such happened. Lisa, had deceived 19 couples and wasted their money in fulfilling her gambling addictions.

The New York Daily News, revealed the story of one of Harrison’s victims. Toni Bacura and her beau Scott Mckillop , both aged 25 and hailing from Livingstone , Scotland, had paid her an amount of $9000, in expectation of a lavish wedding in Central Park. However their money was never utilized for the fruitful cause and it was squandered away by Harrison. Toni Bacura, mentioned that even when nothing materialized they did not doubt her.

However she states that all of them were dragged into the mess because of Harrison. Another victim of Harrison was Steven Reay, 28 and his 34 year old wife Rebekah, who were to renew their wedding tie. They paid $6200 to her but they realized that none of the suppliers were paid. All of them have suffered from great financial crunches as their money was not utilized in a proper way by Harrison and at present they do not have sufficient funds to start again.

Her gambling addiction began in 2012 and this is when she started fooling people and started taking money from them unscrupulously. She went on to spend an exorbitant amount of money on online gambling sites like William Hill and Paddy Power. She was found guilty of Fraudulent trading under section 9 of the Fraud Act and will be imprisoned for two years.