Del Mar business owner arranges wedding dress event to raise awareness about child marriage

By , August 12, 2016 11:09 am

If you are in or around San Diego, don’t be stunned this Wednesday if you see women (and probably a few men) sporting wedding dresses. This is a part of a newly introduced awareness program on the worldwide problem of child brides.
This fall, Alexia Bregman, a business owner in Del Mar, created the World Wedding Dress Day. She stated that she was really in shock by the stats on girls forced into wedding at a tender age. She thought that a bridal-themed program would be a great eye-catching experience to open the people’s eyes to this problem.
As per global partnership Girls Not Brides, fifteen million girls every year are tied the knot before they hit 18, and a lot of them between the age 9- to 15-year. Even though most of the top twenty nations where child marriage is practiced are in Africa, this problem is also quite widespread in South America and Asia. She added that around three-thousand cases are registered in the United States every year.
While looking up to a friend’s marriage attire a few months ago, Alexia came up with an idea of putting the little-used dress to work for a great cause. She picked 2nd December as the World Wedding Dress Day as this is during a celebratory time of year. She expects to take the whole idea worldwide next year.
Alexia added that they selected these beautiful dresses but never gets to wear them again and thought it would be a fabulous way to highlight the cause of child marriage. They are asking people to pick up their kids from school, then go somewhere and if anyone asks why they are wearing a wedding dress. They could simply answer ‘because they are an empowered woman with the freedom to choose and she represents the millions of girls who don’t get to choose when they enter marriage.

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