Pasco judge to keep Valentine’s Day marriage ceremony alive

By , February 13, 2015 11:20 am

When Pasco County closured performing marriage ceremonies previous year, suggesting that their Valentine’s Day marriage  tradition would be canceled. Since the year 2009, around one-hundred couples have tied the knot in the mass wedding ceremony outside Historic Courthouse in Dade City.

Paula O’Neil, the Clerk of Court ‘s decision to stop marriage services — made in part as Florida’s legalization of same-sex wedding  — threatened to call off the event. But Linda Babb, the Circuit Judge, stepped in to raise the event as its officiant.

Paula O’Neil said that she called and asked that she wanted to do it. Babb told that she plans to arrange a mass wedding ceremony for anyone who looks for one, and individual ceremonies for those who want a more versed affair.

Babb would wed both straight and gay couples who apply for wedding licenses and register for the wedding ceremony before Tuesday. The mass marriage generally attracts about twenty couples, but this year’s holiday drops on a Saturday and might attract more.

A leading website reported that Babb added this is a civil ceremony, and it offers people civil rights as well as responsibilities to go along with a civil wedding, a legal wedding. Their civil rights must be important to all of them. Babb has not officiated any mass wedding ceremony before this, but she has performed one gay ceremony in Washington DC, for dear friends. Gay and lesbian wedding became legal in Florida on 6th January.

Even though Babb has not been able to be a part of the ceremony before, she has spotted people preparing for their vows in years past. It is always fun.

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