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Couple calls off their honeymoon as they wedding gifts got stolen

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By , April 20, 2015 4:05 pm

Wedding gifts were slipped from a car parked near Suffolk hotel. This is one of over a dozen car break-ins that police told that happened over the weekend in the same place. Bradrick and Crystal told that they locked their wedding gifts as well as cash presents in the vehicle at Hilton Garden on E. Constance Road, but the gifts, including well wish cards, were slipped when they went out to the vehicle at 9 am on Sunday.

Crystal Fields told that they were speaking about when they got up that morning like how exciting it was going to be to open up the things as they went for their honeymoon and to read these words, they had this plan and it obviously did not according to the plan. When they realized that the theft has taken place, they just felt defeated, she just felt crushed that somebody would do that.

The pair says they were forced to call off a planned honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, as they required the money to offset the cost of the tour. Their loved and close ones have set up a GoFundMe to serve the couple get over the first difficulty of their new life together. Continue reading 'Couple calls off their honeymoon as they wedding gifts got stolen'»

“Your Song” JoJo and Adams Bali Wedding May 2013

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